Google+ to Businesses: Hold Thine Horses

You’ve likely heard the Buzz (sorry for the unfortunate pun, Google) about the new Google+ social networking service. Some folks are already taking part in testing the new product, and if you’re interested, take a tour here. The big question now, at least for our purposes, is "How will this be used by businesses?" For the moment, Google is telling potential business users to hold off as they try to figure some things out. That is to say, if they were going to use a Guns & Roses song as a metaphor to the business community, it would be "Patience" — as opposed to "Welcome to the Jungle." (Sorry, that’s a reach, but always trying to reference Hoosiers whenever possible. So there’s your Axl Rose nod for the week.)

You can go ahead and try to register to be included in the business pilot run of the site by filling out this simple form. I’ve already registered the Indiana Chamber as a potential candidate. Fingers crossed, just anxiously hoping like a potential rose-receiver on "The Bachelor." I hope you’re happy, Google. I was once a man… I was once a man.

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