Gov. Pence Still Blocking Job-Saving Work Share Plan

For the third year in a row, the Pence administration has refused to support the creation of an innovative, cost-neutral program to reduce job layoffs and loss of benefits – a vital issue for Hoosier workers and their families.

Obtaining approval for the implementation of a work share program for Indiana is one of the Indiana Chamber’s top priorities for the 2015 legislative session. It’s that important.

Work share would allow a company to reduce the hours of a group of employees to avoid a full layoff of some of those employees. Employers retain a skilled workforce; employees are compensated for their reduced working hours, receive partial unemployment compensation to help offset the reduction in hours and retain their benefits.

It’s voluntary. It saves jobs – nearly 500,000 in 21 states over the past five years. It doesn’t increase unemployment trust fund costs. It is an important economic development tool as it enables companies to retain skilled workers and allows the employees to remain at work enhancing their skills and experience.

Hopefully, the need for such a program will be minimal. However, business cycles and economic downturns are a reality. When they do happen, work share will be a very important tool for Indiana to have in place.

It made so much sense that Governor Pence actually voted for work share legislation when he was a member of Congress. In a position today as Governor to actually do something about it, he’s refusing to move forward.

Call Governor Pence’s office at (317) 232-4567 and send him a brief email message from our web site. Ask Governor Pence to reconsider his decision and to support work share. It will only take a moment to make the call and send the message, but it’s very important.

For more information:
• Tom Easterday, executive vice president of Suburu of Indiana Automotive and chairman of the board of the Indiana Chamber, explains more about work share in the video below.