Government Book a Tremendous Tool for Students, Historians, Those with Time on Their Hands

Are you an educator who’s worried that your students think Johnny Appleseed was Indiana’s first governor? Do they believe Jefferson County was named after Weezie? Or are you concerned your pupils might perceive John Mellencamp as their state representative? Granted, "the Coug" is a staple around these parts, but as of yet he only sings at political events; he doesn’t campaign at them.

If any of these are true, then you have a Stage Five educational emergency. Any medical apprentice at Conner Prairie will tell you the traditional remedy for this has long been the Indiana Chamber’s Here Is Your Indiana Government book. Since its development in 1942, this book has been used by the community and hundreds of thousands of students at all levels to learn about Indiana and how Hoosiers govern themselves. It’s ideal for political and government teachers looking to add to their curriculum in the fall semester.

As Mr. Mellencamp poetically put it, "this is our country." So let’s all do our part by learning about it.