Health Care Messaging: They’re Buying; Are You Watching?

Tired of hearing health care messages during breaks in your favorite TV shows. Maybe that’s because more than $1 million dollars a day is being spent on such commercials.

According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group, overall TV spending reached $110 million on Sunday. The breakdown is $47 million in favor of a health care overhaul, $32 million opposed to the reform efforts and the rest focused on general health care discussion.

Who’s spending the most? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (there is no official relationship between the U.S. and Indiana chambers; in fact, we support some of the principles offered by the national organization but are opposed to others) and AARP are at the top of the list.

With the debate continuing in Congress and President Obama making this his signature issue, expect the dollar outlays, the commercials (and just maybe the TiVo usage) to continue at high levels.