Healthy Vending Options can Benefit your Business

On a typical afternoon at 3 p.m., hunger strikes my cubicle, and the siren song of the office vending machine gets harder and harder to resist. The sweet notes of candy bars and comforting coo of carbohydrates can occasionally overpower my better judgment.

Many vending machines offer dismal choices in terms of healthier options. Our wellness committee recently contemplated how we can make better choices as an office when it comes to vending machines.

We came up with three highly-feasible options:

1) Dress up like a robot, wait in the break room until someone attempts a not-so-healthy food purchase and yell, “Danger, Will Robinson!”

2) Dress up like a mother from the ‘50s and proclaim, “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips” when a co-worker reaches for a bag of chips.

3) Contact the company that stocks our vending machines and see what healthier products are available.

We opted for number three, mainly because the price of the costume rental required of the other two put us off budget.

It turns out there are several healthy items with which the machines can be stocked. Now that we are on our way to a healthier vending machine, I don’t have to cower under my desk in the afternoon when I hear the call of my not-so-fiendish friend in the break room.

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