Help Boston-bound Students Pursue Journalism Dreams

Until this week, I didn’t know about the Urban Media Institute at Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis, which provides inner-city high school students with media training opportunities. That all changed when I received an email about this amazing program.

Students are doing some pretty cool things. They’ve produced newspapers, a centennial yearbook and broadcasting segments with Channel 20, the local PBS affiliate. And they teamed with the Indiana Chamber to discuss the future of journalism with Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein when that duo headlined our Annual Awards Dinner in 2012.

What’s next in these students’ “journalism journey?”

Fundraising efforts are underway for a trip to the National Scholastic Press Association’s (NSPA) Convention/Competition, “The Revolution Starts Here,” on November 14-17 in Boston. Students will hone their skills, network and learn from others. In short, it’s the experience of a lifetime. But without donations, the trip is out of reach. You can help students succeed by assisting in making this trip possible!

Learn more about the Urban Media Institute at Arsenal Technical High School and the NSPA trip (the deadline for donations is October 31) at

The sky truly is the limit for these talented students – and for the Hoosier businesses that may one day employ them.