Hit the Links in Style This Spring

Provided spring is an actual season and not some legendary myth as we sit here freezing in Hoosierland, many of you will likely soon visit golf courses around the state to work on your farmers' tans and handicaps.

A Knox-based company, Eco Golf, wants to help you do that in both environmentally-friendly — and business-friendly — ways.

The company manufactures golf tees using recycled material to reduce golfers' carbon footprints, and says they can last up to 50 times longer than wood or bamboo tees. In fact, here are a list of benefits of its Eco Premium Tee:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Can outlast wood or bamboo tees by up to 50 times
  • Will NOT mark club head unlike wood and bamboo
  • Will NOT damage mowing and cart tires
  • Eliminates tee and range litter
  • Easier on mowing equipment

Eco Golf also just released Advertees, which help businesses market themselves by including their own logos. Take a look at the site and get your order in before golf season begins.