IBRG General Election Report Now Available

Indiana Business for Responsive Government —  aka the Indiana Chamber’s PAC — has just released the 2010 General Election Report. Below is a synopsis, but see the full document to fully delve into the numbers behind this election:

Only two years after Indiana saw historic shifts in voting patterns delivering the state to a Democratic presidential candidate and impacts down-ballot, voters dramatically reversed course and elected Republicans by overwhelming margins across the state.

More than a “course correction” election, the GOP achieved state legislative margins not seen in decades. The Republicans have picked up 11 seats in the Indiana House of Representatives to achieve a 59-41 margin. This revised count increases the number of seats by one, with two other outstanding vote counts (House 76 and 42) finding wins for Democratic candidates.

In the Indiana Senate, Republicans ran the board to pickup four seats to achieve a dominant 37-13 margin. This pushes the Senate GOP well beyond the 34 vote “quorum-proof majority” mark, allowing them to operate the body without any Democratic participation. These margins of victory and number of seats for the GOP have not been seen in the memories of all but the most veteran Statehouse watchers. While many pre-election analyses pointed to the 1994 “tidal wave” as a prediction for this year, the actual outcomes were even greater. In 1994, the GOP won 56 seats in the House (settling into a 55 seat majority, with one member switching parties)…

This report will be updated as additional election results become available and published at www.indianachamber.com or www.ibrg.biz.