Indiana House Race Updates

HD31: Republican Tim Harris is down 550 votes to Democrat Joe Pearson. Though there are still votes to be counted, it appears highly unlikely Harris will be able to overcome the deficit.

HD37: Republican Kelly Gaskill remains ahead by 34 votes over Democrat Scott Reske. However, there are still provisional ballots to be counted, and the winner likely won’t be determined tonight.

Seats previously held by Republicans that will become Democratic: HD31 (won by Joe Pearson); HD44 (won by Nancy Michael); HD89 (won by Jon Barnes); HD97 (won by Mary Ann Sullivan)

Seats previously held by Democrats that will become Republican: HD63 (won by Mark Messmer); HD72 (tentatively won by Ed Clere); HD26 (likely won by Randy Truitt); HD37 (likely won by Kelly Gaskill)

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