Internet Increasing Constituent Interaction, Pressuring Legislative Staffs

Have you recently contacted your legislator only to have him/her not return your correspondence like you’re some awkward high schooler who asked out the cool girl because he believed his friends when they said, "Hey, what’s the worst that can happen? Seriously man, I think you totally have a shot"? (But turns out you have to be a quarterback or a frontman for an alt-rock band to get a callback.)

If so, you may not be alone. Seems many more people are contacting their legislators these days thanks to the Internet, and often do so without a returned message or a satisfactory response, at least according to a Congressional Management Foundation study found on The Thicket. The study suggests the communication paradigm is changing and organizers are even soliciting opinions about how legislators can communicate better.

Furthermore, if you don’t know who your legislators are, check out the Chamber’s Grassroots legislator search. Just type in your address and it will display your legislators and their phone numbers/addresses.

Hope your questions are answered. Seriously, I think you totally have a shot.