iPads: Save Money and Trees?

I admit it: I’m not the cool kid who is always first to get the latest electronic gadget. In fact, I like for the bugs to get worked out and to see if the invariable “next generation” is hot on its heels. Sometimes the latest is a big improvement; other times it mainly serves to drive the price down of the prior model that I will then give a try.

My temptation right now is the iPad. I know people who can’t leave home without theirs. And recently, one of my favorite radio stations, WZPL, started having iPad Thursdays where it gives them away periodically throughout the day.

But iPads are not just a personal or social item. You see more and more businesspeople bringing them to meetings or using them at their desk. In fact, the Fort Wayne City Council made the news today by announcing it was getting iPads to avoid the mountains of paper it reviews at each meeting, estimating it will save $10,000 annually on paper costs. You can’t beat that, right? Perhaps I should send a note to management here: iPads save money and trees! Wonder if it will work.