Is Wellness a Way of Life in Your Office?

We’re gearing up to release our July/August edition of BizVoice® magazine. This edition has a few areas of focus, including a legislative recap and a continued in-depth look at some of the Chamber’s goals for the state with Indiana Vision 2025’s Dynamic and Creative Culture driver.

The main issues I’ve been assigned for this edition, however, focus on workplace wellness. I’ll have a story for you about how some Hoosier companies are addressing stress in the workplace and helping their employees be as healthy – and happy – as possible. Here’s a teaser: Did you know 65% of American workers cite work as a significant source of stress, but only 11% of employers offer formal stress reduction programs?

I won’t spoil all of the surprises, but my colleagues have been working diligently to bring you the most up-to-date wellness-related information.

As we’ve been going through research and interviews, I wanted to highlight another company that I spoke with during our Best Places to Work in Indiana contest back in May. I didn’t have the opportunity to include aspects of their wellness program in that edition, so I’d like to tell you about it now.

Indianapolis-based Moser Consulting is a small technology consulting company with around 50 employees that works to remain competitive with the larger firms in the area. One way they’ve tackled that goal is by focusing on additional benefits in the workplace, particularly wellness. Moser’s employees are privy to a kitchen stocked with drinks and food, and the company sponsors a gym membership for any employee that wishes to join a fitness center.

And sometimes it’s best to let the experts handle the wellness aspect of the working environment. That’s where the company’s new program, Nuvita, comes in.

Company President Ty Moser told me in May that they had 60 employees and spouses involved in the Nuvita program, which calculates everyone’s overall health and body age, and focuses on helping participants get fit and become educated about health and wellness.

Instead of focusing on pounds lost or miles walked, the focus is on reducing a person’s body age and delving into the psychology of behavior change. A wellness coach is also available to answer questions and provide support.

Does your company offer a wellness program? If they’re not sure where to begin, make sure you check out our upcoming BizVoice® for some great tips on how to get started and the many proven benefits – for the employees and the bottom line – of a worksite wellness program.