It’s All About Becoming Better

Awards and rankings earn a great deal of attention when the subject is the annual Best Places to Work in Indiana program. No one can argue with the fact that recognition is nice, but the real core of BPTW is helping create the best possible workplaces. The true winners when that happens — employees, the organizations they work for and everyone connected to that operation.

This blog post from Tim Leman of Gibson celebrates the company's first-time BPTW ranking but also captures the essence of BPTW and shows that his team was on the right track long before this recent honor.

Among the sound advice from Leman and Gibson:

Disclose your shortcomings to your employees and don’t make excuses for them

  • Acknowledge that you can be better as an organization
  • Let your guard down and truly look to see things from a new perspective
  • Decide to address the issues
  • Show you’re serious by following through and very purposely making it a part of everything you do
  • Keep desiring to improve and communicate your progress to your people

Congratulations to all the Best Places winners and participants. Gibson, by the way, is ranked No. xx (I can't tell you that; you have to be there at the May 2 awards dinner to celebrate with all 100 companies on the list for 2013.

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