IU’s Kelley School Partners with Chinese University in Dual Degree Program

One of the state’s leading educational assets for the business community, IU’s Kelley School of Business, has now added to its impressive offerings by partnering with a leading Chinese University to offer dual degrees. A release from IU has more:

A new agreement between the Kelley School of Business and a leading Chinese university promises to open up new learning opportunities for students and faculty from both institutions.

More than two years in the making, the new Undergraduate Dual Degree Program between Kelley Indianapolis and the Business School, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSBS) continues the strong partnerships between IUPUI and one of the premier business and health science universities in China.

The alliance initially provides opportunities for Chinese students to enroll at Kelley Indianapolis for two years after completing the first two years of business school at Sun Yat-sen. Participating students then can graduate with degrees from both institutions and invaluable knowledge of both the Chinese and U.S. business cultures.

“Indiana University and IUPUI continue to expand these international partnerships tobetter enhance the global reputation of the schools and the programs,” said Ken Carow, associate dean for research and programs at Kelley Indianapolis. “The Kelley School of Business has been one of the leaders in creating these opportunities and looking for strong partners with an already strong reputation.”

Carow and Philip Cochran, associate dean of Indianapolis operations, visited China in June to attend a ceremonial signing ceremony with Sun Yat-sen administrators.

"This dual degree program will surely provide a precious and peculiar opportunity which will soon become popular to our top-talented students seeking the latest knowledge from the world-class, top-notch faculty at Kelley and IUPUI," said Zhongfei Li, executive dean and head of Sun Yat-sen.

Carow envisioned the alliance as benefitting Kelley and Indianapolis on several fronts.  Chinese students will gain important exposure to the U.S. business climate while also helping regional business partners better understand opportunities to expand business and talent into China. The IUPUI campus will become more internationalized, which will help students learn and appreciate the growing global connection between U.S. and Chinese business.

Finally, faculty at both universities will be afforded opportunities to serve as visiting professors and collaborate and expand research projects in the future.

“This will help create a better understanding of what will be the largest economy in world. It will be extremely helpful to the students,” Carow said. The growing relationships between Chinese and Indiana businesses will require future graduates to carry skills to effectively do business in China, and other global destinations, he added.

Kelley Indianapolis officials hope to expand the program to include study abroad opportunities in the future. The first Chinese students are expected to enroll for the Fall 2012 semester, and preliminary predictions are for 10-25 students to participate.

Sun Yat-sen University has been recognized as the official sister school for IUPUI and has similar alliances with other academic units on the campus.

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