Jack the Plumber on the Realities of the Skills Gap

Jack Hope, owner of Hope Plumbing in Indianapolis, recently spoke to the Ready Indiana Advisory Council about his experience with the skills gap in the plumbing industry.

He explained the biggest issue he faces as an employer is finding qualified help. The candidate pool lacks applicable skills, and he said this problem is widespread among all skilled trade industries.

“Every time I talk to someone about plumbing, they comment on how gross it must be and every time I reply, ‘That is why they pay us the big bucks,’” Hope explains in his blog. “People, of course, think I am kidding, but the average starting salary for a licensed plumber in our shop is $45,000 per year with full health benefits, life insurance, a paid cell phone, a take home vehicle and matched retirement savings.”

You can learn find information about the plumbing industry in Indiana, including number of job postings broken down by region, most requested skills and average salaries, at www.IndianaSkills.com.