Job Hopping on the Upswing

37193874Job hopping is increasing among employees seeking opportunities to expand their knowledge, develop their talents, increase their network and boost their salary.

Currently, half of U.S. employees are watching the job market or actively looking for a job, based on findings from a recent Gallup Workforce Panel study. This is a major problem for employers, as workers job hopping from one organization to the next can create considerable costs.

To learn more about what drives job-hopping, Gallup asked U.S. workers who were considering a job change or who had recently switched employers to indicate how important particular factors were when deciding to take a job with a different company. The top-ranked reason was “it allows me to do what I do best,” followed by “it significantly increases my income.”

What can you do to keep your employees loyal? First, don’t take your long-term employees for granted. Gallup’s findings reveal that longer-term employees do not feel as supported as employees who are new to a company. Find ways to create learning opportunities and provide feedback to retain and engage top-level employees throughout their time at the organization. In regard to newer employees, help them understand the fundamentals of their role immediately and look for ways to help them apply their strengths early in their careers.