Join the Team: Right-to-Work is Right for Indiana

As the country continues to battle through difficult economic conditions, Indiana has the opportunity to make our state more attractive to potential relocation and expansion prospects by becoming a right-to-work (RTW) state. Numerous site selection consultants have testified that Indiana misses out on competing for at least one-third of all company relocation opportunities because it is a non-RTW state. To create more jobs and expand our economy, our lawmakers must enact legislation in the 2012 Indiana General Assembly to make Indiana a RTW state. 

An Indiana Chamber study, published in January 2011, titled, “Right-to-Work and Indiana’s Economic Future,” examined results from various RTW and non-RTW states and found the following:

RTW states create more jobs than non-RTW states
– Growth in Jobs (1977-2008): Indiana, 42.8%; Non-RTW states, 56.5%; U.S., 71%; RTW States, 100%
– From 2000-2009, more than 4.9 million Americans moved from non-RTW states to RTW states

RTW states have faster growth in per capita income than non-RTW states
– Growth in Real Per Capita Income (1977-2008): Indiana, 37.2%; Non-RTW states 52.8%; U.S. 54.7%; RTW States, 62.3%

For more statistics from around the country, view this summary we’ve developed.

Now is the time to make Indiana a right-to-work state, but we can’t do it alone. To pass critical economic development legislation, it takes clout, resources and a strong, influential membership base. We need your membership support today. Membership is the driving force behind our ability to advance our pro-jobs, pro-economy agenda. Contact Tim Brewer at [email protected] to become a member and to help grow our right-to-work coalition. Membership is 89% tax deductible.