Just the Facts, Please, On UI Tax Job Killer (Find Out How Much It Will Cost Your Business!)

There is an old "Dragnet" and Sgt. Joe Friday reference in here somewhere (just the facts, ma’am), but I am sidetracked already. This is about a more than $700 million business tax increase with the unemployment insurance trust fund legislation passed by the General Assembly and signed by the governor.

It’s bad for employers and employees — those who will lose their jobs or not see a pay increase due to this additional and unreasonable tax burden. Yes, employers need to pay more to shore up a bankrupt system. But eligibilty, benefits and other issues must also be addressed.

Here is how you can learn more and have your say:

  • Calculate your business tax increase over the next two years (all you need is your current unemployment tax rate — the range is from 1.1% to 5.6% — and total number of employees)
  • From there, send a letter, or otherwise, communicate with legislators. Let them know a more balanced solution is needed
  • Read the facts, countering the myths that have been communicated by Senate Republican leaders on this issue. Why would legislators institute the largest business tax increase in state history and go out of their way to brag about it?

Companies are struggling and people are losing their jobs. Ironically, and sadly, a "solution" for the unemployment funding woes will only lead to more job losses.