Never Ending Campaign: Keep ‘Em in Office — Longer?

Legislative term limits have experienced a pendulum ride over the past two decades. Limiting lawmakers’ time in office was all the rage at one point before some of the states backed away from that initiative.

Florida falls in that latter category, wanting to extend the ability to serve from eight to 12 years. But it also is looking at a new angle — extending the terms themselves. In other words, state reps would be up for election every four years instead of two with senators in office for six years instead of four. Voters would have the final decision if the legislature passes the language.

One representative is quoted as saying that the continual campaigning is "not what I think legislators’ primary focus should be. It should be on legislation and good policy and moving the state forward."

Something worth considering. The seemingly non-stop "running for re-election" does often appear to do a disservice to key topics and issues.

Your thoughts?

One thought on “Never Ending Campaign: Keep ‘Em in Office — Longer?

  1. I completely agree. The constant campaigning distracts from the job they’re supposed to be doing. I think all state and federally elected legislators should be in for a minimum of 4 years.

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