Keep Your Business Innovative to Separate You From the Rest

Interesting blog here from Copyblogger about how to keep your business from getting stuck in the mire of routine (and see today’s earlier post on GAP). All too often, businesses can fall victim to doing things like they’ve been done in the past, with little thought of what can be different in the future. Hopefully, these tips can get us all thinking in those terms:

Keep the innovative ideas flowing
Finally, it’s easier to keep the new ideas flowing in to your business if you have a structure in place that allows cross-pollination to happen on a regular basis. Here are some techniques:

Create an informal Board of Directors. Gather a group of 3-5 people who are willing to support your efforts. Meet with them in person or by phone at least four times a year. Update them on your goals, the progress you’re making, and your struggles. Let the ideas flow, and take good notes.

Join a Mastermind group. Many groups meet monthly, some more often. Some Chamber of Commerce organizations coordinate them, but you can also find virtual Mastermind groups with a quick web search. The group supports each member, so you’ll both offer and receive encouragement and ideas.

Join a virtual private community. Sites like Third Tribe are great places to connect with like-minded people and to generate exciting new business ideas.

Consider working with a coach. Because business coaches speak to many different clients, they’ll naturally cross pollinate your conversations with ideas they’ve picked up from helping other people.