Leave it to Apple Maps to ‘Find’ the Loch Ness Monster

There are many ways to utilize the Internet. For instance, there is a wealth of knowledge on many topics that were previously inaccessible to the masses. Also, the Internet is sometimes just a way to watch videos of kittens being cute.

Often, the World Wide Web gives conspiracy theorists a chance to get together and expound on their (usually insane) theories.

Now, I’ve long given up the idea that mermaids exist, or that Big Foot is a real thing – but there are still things I want to believe are true. The lost city of Atlantis, for example, is extremely fascinating to me. And I will admit that the jury’s always been out for me on whether or not the Loch Ness monster exists (or existed at one time). Enter Apple Maps and satellite imagery.

Recently, someone took note of a grainy image from Apple Maps in the Loch Ness in Scotland.  It looks, at first glance, as if there is a giant monster swimming south in the water. There are fin-like protrusions on each side and it’s in the shape of what you might expect a large monster to look like from above.

Of course, after you look at the image for more than a split second, you realize it looks like a boat wake and not at all a monster floating in the deep, freshwater of the Loch Ness.

This blog post from Southern Fried Science debunks the latest “sighting” pretty easily.

Oh well, it was a fun split second to theorize that there actually is a Loch Ness monster. Guess it’s time to go back to those cute kitten videos until the next crazy conspiracy theory makes a stir. Fingers crossed it’s something related to aliens!