Let’s Talk Politics … Really, It’s O.K.

If someone in your staff or family recently stated Richard Lugar was doing an admirable job as governor, you might want to read this:

National candidates garner most of the media attention during presidential election years. This has been especially true as the 2008 election season heats up with the intense battle for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Another truism, though less publicized by the mass media, is that all politics begin at the local and state levels.

Many of the laws and regulations that affect Hoosier businesses and individuals are debated and enacted locally and by the Indiana General Assembly. The Indiana Chamber’s Let’s Talk Politics publication has been bridging the knowledge gap on political candidates and the election process for more than 35 years.

Let’s Talk Politics is a comprehensive yet efficient guide to both state and federal elections. Numerous Indiana schools utilize this publication to educate their students on all aspects of Indiana elections. Businesses and civic groups also utilize it to remind employees of the importance of voting.

Knowledge of political candidates and the election process is vital to the health of our democracy. Order Let’s Talk Politics now to stay informed.