Letters to Our Leaders: Today’s Workers Need Your Help

My father, not unlike many Hoosiers, toiled for 33 years on the assembly line of a General Motors auto plant. No one I know worked harder — both on the job and in the small town community efforts that he supported.

While he retired many years ago (and is still going strong at age 85), the skills he succesfully used would require some serious updating if he was still in the workforce today. That’s the challenge facing many of the state’s current workers.

The numbers can’t be repeated enough: nearly one million Hoosiers require some form of skills remediation or further education to remain competitive in today’s job market. Approximately 25,000 people are currently served through existing programs. The gap in numbers, and the dollars needed to help find a solution, are the focus in the Indiana Chamber’s Letter to Our Leaders on workforce development.

The proposal: lease the state lottery, utilize the up to $2 billion up-front payment and the annual proceeds to make this major investment in Indiana’s workers. They deserve it.

View the letter (and others in the series); watch the one-minute video below; offer your comments.