Marsh Offers Diabetes Help to Customers

If you’ve ever seen any of your family members or friends suffer from the effects of diabetes, you know just how serious the epidemic is becoming around this country.

Just recently, my family has been dealing with some of the consequences of diabetes – or actually, the consequences of uncontrolled diabetes. A series of medical events led to my grandfather having a quadruple bypass surgery about a month ago. We’re very blessed that he came through the surgery successfully. However the surgeon talked to us about just how thick my grandfather’s heart muscle was due to uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure.

He’s still in the hospital, dealing with lingering effects of other diabetes-related health issues and we’re hoping he’ll be able to come home soon. I’d seen the statistics about what the diabetes epidemic is doing to the country, but this was truly the first time I’ve put a face on the disease. It’s a wake-up call to make sure we’re eating right, exercising and taking care of our health.

While we know the steps to take to help prevent diabetes, those with diabetes need support to help them keep it controlled so they can live longer and healthier lives.

That’s why I’m very happy to see Marsh Supermarkets, Inc. announce the launch of the Marsh Diabetes Care Program®. Marsh pharmacies are now offering seven oral diabetes medications as well as lancets for testing blood sugar for free (with a doctor’s prescription).

That is fantastic news. One of the biggest problems with controlling a disease is the patients’ non-adherence to prescribed medications and drug cost is one of the reasons for that issue. Another important piece to the Marsh plan is the free monitoring kit, newsletter with recipes and tips for managing diabetes, and online and in-store access to a Marsh pharmacist. I also didn’t realize that Marsh shoppers have online access to a full-time registered dietician at [email protected].

Not only is this new offering great news for Hoosiers with diabetes and their families, but it’s also good news for employers who offer health care. The Marsh press release notes that the estimated average annual health care cost for a person with diabetes in the United States exceeds $11,000 – compared with $3,000 in health care costs for a person without diabetes. If the diabetes is well-controlled, employees will be healthier and save money for themselves and their employers.

This is a perfect example of how a business can truly make a positive change in the community.

Information about the program is available at