Members: Attend May 4 Policy Call on State of Economic Development

The economic development headlines evolve from, in simple terms, “getting new businesses to come to the state.” But the role of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation is also heavily focused on helping existing companies grow. It has a variety of initiatives, programs and strategies to accomplish both missions.

Indiana has fared better than most in the job creation game in recent years. What are the secrets to the state’s success? What are the biggest challenges to an even stronger performance? How can your company benefit from the state’s efforts?

Dan Hasler, Indiana’s secretary of commerce since September 2011, will join us to discuss these issues and more during our Policy Issue Conference Call on Friday, May 4 (9 – 10 a.m. EDT). It will be your opportunity to learn about the early impact of right-to-work, the competitive world of business attraction and much more. Your questions and comments are always welcome. This is for Indiana Chamber members only, and you can register online.