More on Google+: Why Fight It?

If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is spend time setting up a social media account on yet another site. But this video from Epipheo makes a pretty good point: We use Google for just about everything else, so why fight this? I do like the practical idea of the circles — and am most amused by the concept of a "People I hate" circle.  

Granted, I’m as unhappy as you are about the seemingly monopolistic tone of all of this, but, on the other hand…..meh.

One thought on “More on Google+: Why Fight It?

  1. I’m finding myself using Google Plus more and more and I’m spending considerably less time on Facebook. Google Plus is more intuitive and I also like how integrated it is with the rest of Google’s services (Gmail, Search, Picasa, etc.). For me, it’s only getting better as more and more of my friends and family sign up. I’m already looking at Facebook the same way I do MySpace – it seems out of date and not as relevant compared to Google Plus. Time will tell who wins, but I think there is room enough for both services for now.

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