New Media Requires New Plan for Businesses recently offered instruction regarding how small businesses can engage potential customers and stretch ad dollars as far as possible. The site offered three key points to keep in mind, and for further elaboration, read the entire piece:

Want to know how to spend your marketing dollars this fall? Here’s a hint–throw out last year’s plan and start fresh. The economic downturn coupled with the rise in social media and the full-bore acceptance of an internet that’s accessible virtually everywhere has forever changed the way customers shop.

Rather than rely solely on media such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines, it’s time to allocate a larger percentage of your budget to less traditional tactics. Winning and keeping customers now calls for innovative marketing that engages prospects in more direct ways. As you plan your holiday marketing tactics, be sure to factor in these three critical elements for a campaign that will work in today’s socially and economically altered marketplace.

  1. New Media Has Taken Hold
  2. One-on-One Communication Builds Bonds
  3. Consumers Expect to Be Engaged and Understood