New School: Indiana’s New Tech Model to Serve as Example for Nation

New Tech schools in Indiana seem to be setting a high bar. A national incubator/educational innovaton promoter, along with Gov. Daniels, announced this week that Indiana schools will serve as a model for national expansion of the concept. (What are New Tech schools? Check out my 2007 BizVoice story about Rochester High for some background.):

KnowledgeWorks will provide up to $10 million to New Tech over a four year period, along with operational guidance and strategic expertise, to help develop the infrastructure necessary to support the rapidly growing network of New Tech schools. The management teams have already begun working together over the past nine months, with a focus on operations and further developing New Tech’s technology platform.

“We’re thrilled to have KnowledgeWorks on board to help us rapidly grow the New Tech network.” said Susan Schilling, CEO of New Technology Foundation. “Developing our nation’s next set of leaders who come into adulthood with the ability to find and analyze information, solve problems, communicate solutions, and implement them has never been of greater importance."

(Governor Mitch) Daniels initiated New Tech in Indiana in 2006 by awarding National Governors Association grant funds to three school districts to support planning for the New Tech High Schools. Indiana’s first three New Tech high schools opened in 2007 and an additional three schools opened in 2008. Today more than 20 schools are working toward implementation for 2009 and beyond, making Indiana the national leader in statewide New Tech development. NGA grant funding has supported New Tech planning for 10 of these schools in the state.

“There is nothing we are more committed to in Indiana than the better education of our kids, particularly for the high-tech world of this century,” said Daniels. “Without our noticing it, Indiana has become the leader in the New Tech model and we intend its rapid expansion over the next few years. I would like to see us become the state of New Tech education.”