Not All on Super Bowl Bandwagon

When we posted our last poll question asking whether you support Indianapolis’ decision to seek another Super Bowl, the response from some was: "Duh, what do you expect?"

Well, what we got (82% yes; 18% no) was about how I thought it would go. Yes, a slam dunk; no, not 100% agreement. Despite the nearly universal praise received for the 2012 effort and the legacy left behind after the game, some feel the attention and the private sector dollars should be focused elsewhere.

I line up with the "82%" in this case, but warn that it won’t be as automatic as some believe. The NFL powers that be don’t always embrace what seems like the obvious. The traditional warm weather hosts in Florida, Arizona, Texas, etc. always hold a significant advantage no matter how well organized and coordinated an Indiana effort turns out to be.

We’ll stay on the sports theme with our next question. Taking the Super Bowl out of the mix, what other major event would you like to see come to the state. Three of the choices are sports-related, one political. And we’re sure there are others that might apply.