October Walk to Raise Money for ALS Association

As part of the Chamber’s wellness program, I, along with fellow Chamber staffers, will participate in the Central Indiana Walk to Defeat ALS sponsored by the ALS Association Indiana Chapter on October 4.

The Chamber’s wellness committee identified this walk as a great opportunity to support a great cause (the money raised goes to the ALS Association which works to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and to motivate our staff to get walking. As team captain I’m attempting to get as many staff members to participate as possible.

Sure, it requires raising money and walking two miles on a Saturday morning, but those who participate receive wellness points towards a wellness day off of work. Though a day off should serve as adequate motivation, I’m ready to go above and beyond. I’m contemplating an “Eye of the Tiger”-esque motivational CD for all who sign up to participate. The walk also offers an excuse to get out of weekend housework. “Honey, I can’t mow the lawn/rake the leaves/clean the gutters today, as I’m committed to doing my part to find a cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease."

With so many similar opportunities around the state, participating in a charity walk as part of a your workplace wellness program is a great way to get out of the office, get moving, and get involved in a worthy cause.