On the Road to Pawnee

One of the perks of my job is writing for the Chamber’s award-winning BizVoice magazine. Not only does the BizVoice staff have the privilege of covering the ingenuity of Indiana’s many interesting businesses, but we’re also afforded the opportunity to visit the state’s many historic and beautiful towns — large and small.

One town we may never get to visit, however, is Pawnee — mainly because it does not exist (much to the chagrin of a columnist at the University of Southern Indiana’s student newspaper, who argues that setting "Parks and Recreation" in a real town could have helped Indiana tourism). At any rate, while it may not be real, the town does have a web site. Check it out here.

My favorite offerings from the site include:

Snow Removal Policy Revised
The city of Pawnee will no longer remove snow.

– and –

Pawnee Film Society
This week’s movie: Billy Madison
This week’s location: Daniel’s house
Same time as last week

– and especially –

Gypsy Cabs
Do not use Gypsy Cabs.