Online Education, Florida Style

A well-traveled definition of insanity — doing things the same way and expecting different results.

Maybe a bit extreme for this example, but maybe not. Will following the status quo in K-12 education really change the outcomes for Indiana’s students and eventual members of the workforce? The evidence says no.

Options are essential. Charter schools are one of those options, and although Indiana has seen modest growth I would offer that we haven’t taken advantage of the possibilities offered by this alternative.

Virtual schools are another education choice that will only continue to grow. Indiana was close to having two virtual charter schools a few years ago, only to see funding pulled in a last-hour legislative agreement. Whether we’re talking education, entertainment or just about any aspect of life in today’s world, is there any doubt that online is/will be part of the mix?

During the last school year, more than 57,000 Florida students took at least one virutal school course. Now, those students and their counterparts can go all-online if they choose as every school district is required to incorporate virtual learning.

Will it work? We’ll have to wait and see. But you have to give Florida leaders credit for giving it the old online education try. Check out the story.