Onsite OHS Provides Coffee and a Whole Lot More

Onsite OHS is an Indiana success story, delivering medical services around the world (including in war zones). A 2011 Indiana Company to Watch and ongoing recognition from Inc. magazine for its growth are among the honors.

Add a cup of coffee (or more than 2,500 cups and letters of support) to the support efforts of the company and its employees. Kudos to this Indiana Chamber member:

Onsite Occupational Health and Safety (Onsite OHS), a veteran-owned small business whose workforce is 42 percent veterans, helped lift the spirits of U.S. troops deployed overseas through a holiday donation of more than $5,000 to Cup of Joe, a program run by Green Beans Coffee.
The program allows anyone to say thanks to the troops and let them know they're appreciated through the simple act of buying a cup of freshly brewed coffee, writing a personal letter of encouragement to go with it and having both delivered into the hands of a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine or Coast Guardsman who is serving far from home.
The Cup of Joe letters sent from home are delivered to Troops by email and the freshly brewed cups of coffee are served at Green Beans Coffee cafes on the bases where they're deployed. When the Troops receive a Cup of Joe gift, Green Beans gives them a way to write back and let folks at home know how they're doing.
Onsite OHS invited its employees to contribute to the program and matched these contributions with a corporate donation.

Onsite OHS President and CEO Kyle G. Johnson told his employees, “I want to personally thank you for the contributions and generosity you have shown to those who are protecting the freedom of each of us and our families. This is what it’s all about! We as a company strive to make a difference in lives every day. And we do! Not only do we have nearly 250,000 patient contacts every year, but because of your performance day in and day out, we are able to do things like these.”

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