Our Statement on Right-to-Work and the Standoff

Indiana Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Brinegar comments on right-to-work and the continued legislative standoff:

While there is overwhelming evidence that passing right-to-work is the one General Assembly action that could do the most to stimulate Indiana’s economy this year, the Indiana Chamber respects the decision by legislative leaders to continue the discussion in a study committee. Any policy that can help create more jobs, raise the per-capita income of Hoosier workers over the long term and has the support of seven out of every 10 voters deserves full consideration.

"Even though the determination by House Democrats to stage a walkout and leave the state was never over this one issue, we strongly encourage an end to this stalemate. Voters elected their representatives to serve as part of the legislative process, not shut down the system of helping lead our state. There is too much at stake – for all Hoosiers – to continue this standoff.