Paving the Way for Good Roads


We’ve got a new poll question (top right) asking about a strategy to pay for long-term infrastructure funding. The current House Republican plan calls for a modest gasoline tax increase and higher cigarette taxes (that would go toward Medicaid spending, with sales tax funds currently used in that area shifting to transportation).

More details on the legislation: HB 1001

The most recent poll asked for your top legislative priority. Civil rights expansion (36%) topped the list, followed by increased transportation funding (28%) and education testing reform (16%).

3 thoughts on “Paving the Way for Good Roads

  1. I believe that using tobacco tax money is a good way to pay for roads, as well as assist youth and adults in quitting smoking.

  2. Taking into consideration the rate at which Indiana is already taxed (in regards to gas), we, at 51.29 cents/Gal, are already above the national average by nearly 4 cents.[1] This is comparable to other states in our region, though by no means justifiable. When looking at articles about the proposed tax hike, I’ve noticed that it’s an additional 4 cents.[2] Is there not another way to fund that near-nickel per gallon?

    I’m all for raising the taxes on cigarettes and allocating the money received towards medical programs, but to propose a hike in fuel taxes in a time where people aren’t severely affected by fuel costs is a low-ball move by the state.

    Find another source.


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