Poll Results: Consumers Can Make the Difference

While Washington — the President and/or Congress — receives most of the criticism (and high disapproval ratings) for whatever ails our country, respondents to our recent poll question took a different path.

The question was posed this way: What person/group can do the most to provide a boost to the economy? Your overhwhelming answer: 79% said individual consumers. Ten percent each offered federal regulatory agencies and state government officials.

Yes, there’s something to the way the question was worded. If we had asked who was to blame for the slow economy, then the White House and Congress likely would have led the way. With our "who can do the most?" terminology, consumers are a logical response. In other words, start spending and economic activity in various forms will return.

But consumers, both individuals and business, are not acting because of the uncertainty. And the uncertainy is typically blamed on guess who — those in Washington who are failing to provide anyone with the ability to know or even guess what is coming next.

Or maybe I’m just reading a little too deep into it.

Just wanted to share those results and let you know a new question is on the site (upper right corner). It asks: Should online retailers (on a national basis) be required to collect sales taxes? And if you need background on that complicated topic, take a look at this recent analysis from the Chamber’s Bill Waltz.