Poll Time: Health Care Vote; Lugar-Mourdock Race

We’re not sure whether participants in our recent poll voted with their heads or their hearts. But it is not ours to judge, only to report the results.

We asked your opinion on how the Supreme Court would rule on the federal health care reform. (Arguments were heard in late March; a decision is expected by June).

The results:

  • 59% say the law will be struck down entirely
  • 27% believe the individual mandate provision will be ruled unconstitutional
  • Less than 5% chose the other two options — law will be upheld or Medicaid expansion negated

Thanks for those who took part. At right, for the next few days at least, is the opportunity to cast your vote on the U.S. Senate primary between Richard Lugar and Richard Mourdock. Who will win and by what margin? Let us know what you think.