Pulling the Education Trigger for Students

Joy Pullmann is a research fellow for education policy at the The Heartland Institute. A free-market think tank based in Chicago since its inception in 1984, Heartland typically offers compelling research and insights.

Do I agree with everything I see from Heartland? Far from it.

On education, though, Pullmann has been paying particular attention to Indiana. She reported extensively on the Common Core debate last month.

Now, she weighs in on a "parent trigger" reform bill passed by the House Education Committee last week. Her comments on that option to expand school choice.

“The bill’s proposed changes will give parents actual power to change their kids’ failing schools, which is the whole point of a Parent Trigger. The current school board veto is a veto to the whole idea.

“Because Indiana already has a statewide voucher program, state representatives could add another option for parents besides converting the school to a charter school: giving all the kids slotted to attend that failing school a voucher. Real options for parents is what the Parent Trigger is all about.”

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