Race Over to IMS for the Indiana Logistics Summit

You don’t think about it, but you’d sure notice if it were missing. Grocery stores would be empty, there would be no new clothes hanging from the racks at your favorite department store. Supplies for new buildings and construction projects? Nope. Those would be gone too.

The management of moving goods – also known as logistics – happens all around us, and typically without Americans realizing that it’s occurring. While you might not notice every semi-trailer on the road or plane overhead, as soon as you didn’t have the goods you wanted, the lack of those things would be much more obvious.

So, to shine some light on and celebrate the logistics, transportation and distribution industries, the Indiana Logistics Summit will take place October 12-13 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). 

Co-hosted by Purdue University and the Ports of Indiana, the summit is bringing together 20 top logistics experts and CEOs to discuss how logistics, distribution and transportation affect the country and Indiana.

The event will also highlight the 100th anniversary of the first Indianapolis 500, as well as the 50th anniversary of the Ports of Indiana, with special events occurring throughout the two-day summit to honor those anniversaries.

Event highlights include:

  • Hall of Fame Museum reception with bus tours around the IMS track, and a special presentation by Speedway historian Donald Davidson 
  • Keynote addresses by Gary LaGrange, president of the Port of New Orleans, and Derek J. Leathers, president of Werner Enterprises 
  • A major clean energy announcement about the sixth largest United States truck fleet, Republic Services;
  • A presentation by John Vickerman on the state of logistics in America
  • A Super Bowl update from Super Bowl Committee Vice Chair Cathy Langham.

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