Ready for the Minimum Wage Increase in July?

In July, the minimum wage will change from $6.55 to $7.25 according to federal law (as part of the three-year, stair step increase implemented in 2007). You need to make sure your company’s mandatory employment postings include those changes. Ours do.

Here are the changes we made when we published new poster sets in January:

  • FMLA notice (updated in January)
  • Indiana Minimum Wage notice (our sets feature updated overtime requirements that will still be in compliance when minimum wage increases in July)
  • Federal USERRA notice (updated October 2008)
  • Federal Equal Employment Opportunity notice (updated August 2008)
  • Poster sets are $45 each, and Indiana Chamber members receive a 25% discount.

To place your order, call us at (800) 824-6875 or visit our web site.

Please mention POSTBLOG509 when ordering.