Ready Indiana Works to End Indiana’s Workforce Blues, Could Help Your Business

Employers in Indiana are having a difficult time finding employment candidates that possess the necessary workplace skills. According to a recent report, just in the manufacturing industry alone employers have stated that 40% of the applicants they interview do not have the sufficient level of basic skills comprehension. It is somewhat alarming to me personally that 4 out of 10 people are not basically qualified to hold a position in the manufacturing industry.

There is good news though. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce has a program that is here to help out Indiana employers. Ready Indiana is a free service that provides information to employers making it easier for businesses to identify their workforce training needs, choose quality training providers and investigate employer training grants to cut their training costs. Ready Indiana is also well versed in advising employers about potential state grants for workplace training.

Would you expect a service that offers training assistance to be free? Many employers don’t expect a service like this to have no charge. So visit the Ready Indiana website and look around. I promise you’ll like what you see.

Did I mention it’s free?