Regionally Speaking … to a Point

In the Northwest Indiana roundtable discussion in our current BizVoice, it is mentioned by an economic development official that we don’t care which county (or community) is home to the next major project. Will others in the Region have the same opinion? 

Bill Nangle, executive editor of The Times, says, "The end result will be that getting that company to develop here will outweigh any other consideration. Doesn’t mean there won’t be one community versus another. The one that I always think of is Krispy Kreme Dougnuts (battle between Highland and Schererville, with the latter the winner but the facility no longer in operation).

Mike Schrage, leader of Centier Bank, offers, "I think the public is very accepting of a business … as long as it comes to the area, that’s great. On the political side, we haven’t quite gotten the changeover; they’re still into a little fiefdom-type thing that unless it comes to our community, we’re not going to get the best benefit out of it."

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