Rep. Stutzman Shares Your Frustration

If you’re one of the many who is seemingly highly frustrated by the lack of positive activity in Washington, you’re joined by Indiana Congressman Marlin Stutzman. The special guest during Friday’s monthly Indiana Chamber Policy Call, Stutzman expressed the following at different times about his first 10-plus months on the job in D.C.

  • "What bothers me is there is no sense of urgency."
  • "The federal government is so large, so bureaucratic, so over-reaching. It’s the blanket that is suffocating the economy right now."
  • "The government is in the way, and we can’t get it out of the way fast enough."

Stutzman described the competing philosophies of government creating jobs by spending money with the preferred approach for him (and many others) of providing the climate to allow the private sector to be the job creator. He also noted the regulatory hurdles, with more than 3,200 rules passed by "unelected bureaucrats" in 2010 and that number already above 4,000 for this year.

On a more positive note, Stutzman did cite recent legislation that increases the tax credit for hiring veterans and a farm bill proposal (in which he teamed with Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar) that delivers a potential $40 billion in savings over 10 years while still protecting those in the agriculture industry.

Like others, Stutzman hopes for some progress out of the "super committee" dealing with debt and deficit recommendations. He notes that tax reform and simplication is generating interest, but will still be difficult to pass in the partisan environment in Washington.

Check out more about Stutzman and his work. The next Policy Call for Chamber members will be Friday, December 9, with the topic being right-to-work.