Reruns That Are Definitely NOT Must-see

A concise but likely spot-on commentary from Chris Frates of National Journal about the work of Congress.

Lawmakers headed home for the July Fourth recess (Friday) after what was likely the most productive stretch of legislating we'll see this year. The Senate passed historic immigration reform, a sweeping farm bill, and water-resources legislation — all with resounding bipartisan majorities.

That cooperation will almost certainly come to a screeching halt when Senate Democrats come back in July and throw down with Republicans over President Obama's stalled nominees.

Sayonara bipartisanship.

Meanwhile in the House, Republicans leaders still can't seem to do much of significance. The Republican majority couldn't even get a farm bill passed, let alone something as historic as immigration reform. Despite months of work in the Senate, House Republicans won't even have their first meeting on immigration until after the break.

And neither chamber is doing much of anything to prepare for this fall's looming fight over how to increase the country's credit limit.

In other words, Congress is about to begin airing summer reruns. Maybe the fall lineup will bring some fresh programming.