Right-to-Work Impact is BIG; Details to be Released

What is generally known about right-to-work?

  • Twenty-two states have said "No, we’re not going to allow paying union dues (or require becoming a union member) to be a condition of employment. Indiana is among the other 28
  • The 22 have experienced greater economic activity, population increases and income growth
  • Many companies and site selection experts refuse to consider non-RTW states for their business relocations and expansions

What will the Indiana Chamber be sharing at an 11 a.m. press conference on Monday (at our offices) about RTW and Indiana as the result of a new study and recent polling?

  • How much higher Hoosiers’ per capita income would be if a RTW law had been in place
  • How much the state would have benefited from increased tax revenues (hint: bye-bye budget shortfall)
  • What passing RTW in 2011 will mean for the next decade
  • How many Hoosier voters support the passage of RTW

More to come (including video) on Monday. The numbers are guaranteed to make everyone take notice. Or, if you’re already convinced that RTW needs full legislative consideration right now, contact your legislators.

One thought on “Right-to-Work Impact is BIG; Details to be Released

  1. What did they do with the money that was found (that no one knew was missing). Are you sure all these new jobs wont be going to mexicans who dont pay or spend most of their money here. And do the people who is going to train all these people to do the jobs you want to take away from the unions.

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