Scam Alert: Rokita’s Letter to Businesses About New Scam

Dear Indiana business:

I am writing to alert you of a continuing scam being perpetrated on Indiana businesses. Several businesses have reported receiving a deceptive letter that would appear to come from an official government source. The letter solicits an annual fee of $125 or $150 and claims it will be used for record keeping and processing of a company’s annual minutes. It gives the appearance of coming from a legitimate government agency and cites fictitious state law.  

Specifically, copies of the letter that have been forwarded to my office appear to come from the "Indiana Corporate Compliance Business Division." They include a return by date to give the false impression that action is necessary on your part.  

This letter is NOT an official correspondence from my Business Services Division or any other Indiana state agency. Investigators from my office are working with federal law enforcement to determine who is responsible for these letters and ensure they are stopped. If you received one of these solicitations, ignore it!  If you have already responded to such a letters and believe you are a victim of this scam, please call the Business Services Division at (317) 232-6576. 

Please also remember you can securely comply with your legitimate business entity reporting requirements to the state securely online through the INBiz portal found on my Web page at As always, my office will provide you with a courtesy reminder when your report is due to be filed. Legitimate notices from my office include the state seal of Indiana and my name.

Best regards,

Todd Rokita, Indiana Secretary of State

0 thoughts on “Scam Alert: Rokita’s Letter to Businesses About New Scam

  1. Thank You, for being alert and responding to the businesses of Indiana, always keeping our interests at heart. We too, received a letter requesting a fee of $150.00 for minutes filing. Your information stopped that payment. Thank You again.

    Dan W, Schroder, Treasurer
    Calvary Pentecostal Church
    Hartford City, IN