School Choice Voucher Bill in House

Legislation to create the state’s first school choice "voucher" program for low and middle-income families is before the Indiana House.  Please share this message with your employees and colleagues.

House Bill 1003 would create the Choice Scholarship Program to allow lower-income families to take a portion of the per-pupil funding being spent on their child in their assigned public school and use it to pay tuition and fees at the public or private school of their choice.

The proposal is part of the K-12 education reform package being advocated by legislative leaders, Gov. Daniels and Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett. Thousands of Indiana students, for the first time, could choose their own schools and have per-pupil funding follow them.

The plan is under assault from teacher unions and much of the public school establishment because it would introduce real competition and empower parents to choose the best school setting, public or private, for their children.

If you support providing parents with more school choices, your state legislator needs to hear from you today!  Please contact your state legislator today to urge passage of HB 1003.