Senate Approves Great Lakes Compact

Good news from D.C. as the Senate just approved the Great Lakes Compact, which is supported by the Indiana Chamber. The eight-state agreement is designed to keep Great Lakes water in the region and protect this valuable natural resource.

Now the measure will head to Congress, where it will be voted on following the five-week Congressional break. No "School House Rock" video is yet available of the compact waiting for the House to return. However, it may go something like this:

"I’m just a waitin’

But they’re on a vacation

So I’m stuck here on Capitol Hilllllllll

I’d love to be a law

For Erie, Gary and Saginaw

But for now I’m just a lonely old billllllll."

Note: Ok, it’s technically a joint resolution and not a bill, but that’s a much harder rhyme to pull off.

0 thoughts on “Senate Approves Great Lakes Compact

  1. The press is presenting this issue as if there were no opposition. The fact of the matter is, there are some serious concerns with the Great Lakes Compact. Specifically, the Compact has exceptions for bottled water and fails to incorporate the Public Trust doctrine. See for more info. Also go to to take action on this issue.