Senate to Play Waiting Game

The special legislative session in the Senate Thursday lasted about 20 minutes. The 50-member Senate (with 46 present) convened, as required, passed a resolution to overturn the existing law that one chamber cannot be in recess for more than three consecutive days during a special session without the approval of the other chamber and said (in my words) "House, send us a budget bill."

In the words of Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fort Wayne), "We don’t know when a bill will come over from the House. But I would keep your calendars locked up from the middle of next week until the end of June."

So much for a quick and easy process here (already evidenced by the antics of the past few weeks). There are two budget plans — the governor’s and the House Democrats — and a big difference on how schools are going to be funded. Let the drama begin.