Sick of Trying to Figure Out New Health Care Regs?

Obamacare. The PPACA. The ACA. However you label it, federal health care reform is a confusing mixture of laws and requirements for Indiana businesses to grapple with.

To help you understand the changes more clearly, the Indiana Chamber has just released Health Care Reform for Indiana Employers – an online guide (ePub) authored by attorneys from Ice Miller LLP.

"In enacting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA), Congress fundamentally changed the landscape for employer-sponsored health care plans," says co-author and Ice Miller attorney Christopher Sears. "This guide is intended to provide employers a road map to navigate the uncertain waters of PPACA, in order to be in a position to timely comply with its different requirements as they become effective."

The guide provides you with a resource to understand PPACA and what it means for you, your employees and your health plans. The ePub discusses the following:

  • Individual mandate and exchanges
  • Employer coverage mandates
  • Employer disclosure and reporting requirements
  • Employer coverage and responsibility provisions
  • Wellness programs 

Online access to this publication is available for $74.25 for Indiana Chamber members. To place your order, call (800) 824-6885 or order online.